Classic Massage (full-/part body massage)
30 Min.75.-
60 Min.130.-
90 Min.170.-
120 Min.220.-

Classic Massage (full-/part body massage)

The classic massage is mainly used for musculoskeletal problems. This required different grip techniques. The classic massage can be supplemented with techniques such as trigger point treatment or with passive muscle stretching.
For insistent blockages of the spine therapy is supported with a vibrating pad which relieves the spine completely and intervertebral discs activate and blockages solves.
The massage stimulates the blood circulation, relieves of muscle tension and mental stress. It stimulates the circulation and the activity of internal organs.

You will feel loose and free.

Trigger point treatment
A trigger point is a place of increased irritability in a tensed fiber bundles of skeletal muscle. The point is painful on compression and can trigger the characteristic appearance of pain. Due to the increased tension of the individual muscle fibers fatigue the muscle, followed by metabolic disorders and deposits which in turn give rise to new tensions. Using special pressure and stretching techniques, this radiating pain can be relieved or eliminated.

Passive muscle stretching
The passive muscle stretching is applied to incorrect posture and movement restrictions. Through constant overexertion or improper stress of individual muscles painful tension and thus muscle shortening may occur. Due to the passive muscle stretching shortened muscles are brought back to their original length. The muscle blood flow, mobility and posture will be affected positively.
To massage means 'to knead' like bread. Why do we knead like that? To foster a positiv influence on various healing processes, to soothe medical conditions or to simply enjoy yourself with it.

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