Lymphatic Drainage Massage
60 Min. 130.-
90 Min.170.-

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The most outstanding feature of manual lymph drainage is the type of set stimulus on the body's surface. It is completely different from every other methods. The set stimulus is so gentle which makes the effects even more amazing..
The lymphatic drainage is a decongestive and has for a healthy person a detoxifying effect and is intended as a prevention.
It achieves a relieving and detoxifying effect with edema for example in venous disease. After surgery it promotes a faster healing process (e.g. bones fractures), palliate pain and scars heal in a more beautiful way.

There are many more benefits to profit from: I will be happy to personally provide you with more information on possible applications and implications of lympathic drainage.
This technique supports your body in getting rid of waste products: it helps to detoxify the body. After medical operations or bone fractures this massage can support healing rapid.

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