90 Min.170.-


Each person is unique and each of us is in an individual process which is influenced by ourselves and our environment. That's why Esalen massage starts individually where the person is. There are no predetermined procedures, but each treatment is individual, unique and it is worked from head to toe.
Although the type of massage is gentle, goes into the depth of the tissue, touch the heart and the mind likewise.
The massages' typical fluent movements allows a very creative aqpproache and goes far beyond a "wellness program".
This massage technique will bring about changes after a few treatments in every way: you might discover more mobility, internally and externally.

I am very happy to guide you into the deep relaxation of this unique massage technique closer.
Looking forward to seeing you !!!
Esalen massage works with gentle rocking of the body, as well as joint exercises and deep structural work on muscles and joints. With the typically long, gentle, quiet connective movements it serves to an energeticly balance of the body.

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